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Zachariah is a well-known PCB design expert, electronics design consultant, and dynamic speaker. He works with industry-leading ECAD/EDA software companies, electronics manufacturers, and OEMs providing technical consulting, strategy, and deeply technical content. He is also a contributor to popular publications in the electronics industry and top-tier research journals.

Latest Ebook

Team Collaboration & PCB Design

Featuring content by Zachariah Peterson

In this e-book, readers will see how design teams are overcoming the traditional challenges imposed by outdated workflows and lack of visibility. Covered topics include:

  • The major pain points design teams combat as they work through complex development tasks
  • How MCAD and ECAD users can work together through the cloud without file exchanges
  • How the cloud allows sharing between design teams, their manufacturers, and the end customer
  • How DFM reviews can be expedited through cloud-enabled collaboration tools

PCB team collaboration ebook

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Zachariah is a regular speaker on topics in electronics design and PCB design:

  • High-speed PCB design
  • Radar and mmWave interconnects
  • Signal/power integrity
  • Design for EMI/EMC compliance
  • Simulation and analysis topics

When you need a dynamic speaker with deep technical experience for your next conference or webinar, look no further than Zachariah Peterson.

A Track Record of Technical Leadership

In 2017, Zachariah founded Northwest Engineering Solutions, a dynamic remote-first engineering services company focusing on electronics design and PCB layout for cutting-edge applications in mil-aero, edge computing, data center, and IoT. Since then, he’s expanded into investing and publishing with the goal of driving innovation in the electronics industry and beyond.

Northwest Engineering Solutions

Northwest Engineering Solutions is a full-service PCB design and technical content firm providing cutting-edge custom hardware.

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High speed PCB design

High Speed PCB Design is a new online publication in the electronics industry providing knowledge and resources to design engineers.

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